Monthly Wrap-Up, October 2018.


October has to have been the busiest month for me. I was always on the move, doing something or going for something. Yet in between, I was sick and had to take a break in general. I was also working on a project, that I am proud of, plus building it from scratch and making it tangible. I’m so glad October is done, can’t wait to get my shit together in November.

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Hiatus Announcement


I don’t know if you noticed but I’ve been very lax when it comes to blogging this month and it’s because I’m kinda stuck in a gloomy place, where I can’t seem to be interested in enough and just want to give up everything (there’s a lot of pressure on me rightRead More »

Guest Feature #13|Meet the Blogger: Sakhile of Sakhile Whispers!


Hey you, thank you for taking time out to read this post because today on the blog you get to meet a blogger! First and foremost welcome to my Guest Feature Series! It’s super exciting doing this, I may not be *a huge blogger* but I do have a presence in the online community, well because of the love many of you give to me daily. and I intend to make use of it by also giving back the love to the community, by shining the light on as many bloggers as I can, because most of us deserve it and also you know make a stand on marginalization—fighting for what’s right. Read More »