Lemon Curd II by Lucid Lemons

So I was looking forward to Lemon Curd II, brought to us by Lucid Lemons because of well the acts, so many people I’m a huge fan of and I’m like nah it’s going to be a madting, despite all my bad belle friends telling me, that it’s not going to be lit and that it’s just hype, nothing big about it and it’s just there, random and plain ol’ uninteresting. Way to try and kill a person’s vibe, I don’t get why in the name of “helping” unwanted if I may ask, you got to bring so much negativity. Nevertheless and all the circumstances that were trying to keep me from making it to the event, I still did even though it was six hours after the show was actually meant to start. I still had a good time because I didn’t go alone and was with my Rucca, Steph Dee and bumped into several other people I know.

The event, held at Muri Okunola Park in Victoria Island, which is actually a beautiful and small park.

In my opinion a lot more of misses than hits, but the hits were sure good, by the people showcasing their talents, I’m not being a hater, but some people just don’t have it when it comes to music and especially if there isn’t an originality to the sound being made or well sense to the music. I wish I got to see more acts aside from music, sigh if only I wasn’t an introvert and my major talent is writing my opinion on things lol.

I loved the painting by Chigozie, I’m so glad I got to watch her create her work of art, a masterpiece and I’m still in awe.

The most spectacular performance for me though was by Lanaire Aderemi, performing words from her poetry book Of Ivory and Ink. It was empowering, beautiful and heartfelt. I love the message her poetry is passing across and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I really think everyone should support her, buy and read her book.

Efe Jazz and Dream Music Band though, whoa I loved it. I love them, they are super talented and I can see them making huge and impactful waves.

So many people came to showcase their talents and many stands/stalls for food, wigs, clothes and etc.

The problem I had though with the event was with their marketing strategy for the event. Issa lie, don’t put wrong information on the banners, posters and flyers being distributed and don’t be doing Nigerian time for this kind of things. I mean your posters say 12 pm to 9 pm, but the events really starting at 4 pm and ends by like 1 am. I mean my friends did tell me that the show would end late, but I was thinking not that late, because of the poster they made and put out, this actually constituted as a problem for them because of some of the things they had planned i.e. the giveaways.

So some lucky people, who happen to have numbers on their entry bands, are winners of a random tech giveaway by Afrifone. Apparently, the early comers are the lucky ones. Jokes on them though, because most people who came early expecting what was advertised on the posters and banners all over social media was telling the world, would have already left in annoyance for they didn’t get what they paid for. Like I said bad planning or no actual its wrong dissemination of information.

Next time just say it’s an all day or mainly night time event because most of the artists which most people came to see would be performing or arriving late from 9 pm on wards, you know when the posters said the event was to end. I’m happy I got to see some of the people I wanted to see perform and even the ones that were yet to perform, before I had to leave and in general, it wasn’t a bad event, it could have been better, I mean I left when the event was just getting lit, but after some hours of being mostly bored, I was tired and home called.

So would I go for this event again, definitely but I surely won’t be going early, because I totally see a repeat of the event really starting late again lol.



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